ISOOC aims push forward the solution addressing today’s PC enthusiast challenges by bringing together all key stakeholders and accommodate an open and constructive conversation.

  • ISOOC members contribute, develop, and implement a set of co-developed, widely-adopted open industry standards for PC enthusiasts, PC DIY, and PC overclocking
  • The nature of open standards enables any third party to build innovative products and services around the standards
  • The standards make it easier for new users to enter the PC DIY enthusiast eco-system


ISOOC aims to make a direct impact on the quality of life for …

  • PC DIY enthusiast & overclockers
  • PC Builders and System Integrators
  • Remote management of overclocked high-performance compute (HPC, HFT, EDA)
  • OS-agnostic performance tuning

ISOOC makes an impact when there’s …

  1. Industry-wide support and participation in the open conversation about solution addressing the PC enthusiast needs;
  2. ISOOC and its members actively develop new standards addressing the PC enthusiast needs;
  3. Industry-wide adoption of standards and integration in products and services;
  4. Customers find superior value in products and services which follow the industry standards.

 We believe ISOOC can achieve impact because …

  1. Our core value is to define user-centric standards that create long-term value and benefits for all PC enthusiast customers, so unhindered by short-term commercial targets;
  2. The founders and founding members are intimately familiar with the PC enthusiast community, its pains and its needs;
  3. From its inception, industry-leading companies participate in the organization creating forward momentum;
  4. We believe that ultimately the ISOOC conversations and standards creates superior value for both customers and industry.

Impact Beyond PC Overclocking


Overclocking is just one type of advanced user silicon customization

Overclockers capture extended value beyond specification offered by firm through advanced silicon customization: improve peak and sustained compute performance by trading off long-term reliability and average power usage.

 Adjacent industries & market segments capture similar extended value through advanced silicon customization that prioritize other aspects like performance/watt, performance/liter, performance/dollar.

 The same toolkit used by overclockers to customize silicon for their use-case can be used by others to tune for their use-case: frequency, power, current, voltage, …