Bringing together key stakeholders to address the enthusiast challenges

how isooc helps


ISOOC aims to support a prospering PC DIY ecosystem by uniting all relevant stakeholders to develop industry standards.


ISOOC brings together key stakeholders and accommodate an open and constructive conversation.


ISOOC aims to develop user-centric industry standards for PC enthusiasts that benefit all stakeholders and support a long-term, sustainable, and prospering PC overclocking and PC DIY ecosystem.

open standard work in progress

ISOOC Workgroups

liquid cooling header

Open Water Cooling Header

ISOOC proposes an open water cooling header to simplify installation and improve aesthetics of AIO and custom loop solutions. Identified Problem High-end liquid cooling solution, including all-in-one and custom, offer …

port 80 debug

Open Port 80 Debug Information

ISOOC proposes an open standard for Port 80 debug information to enable ubiquitous on-site troubleshooting, simplifying PC building and reducing return rates. Summary In the past, generic Port 80 debug …

KOZ/KIZ for Enthusiast Motherboard, Cooling, & DRAM

ISOOC proposes a set of Keep-Out-Zone (KOZ) and Keep-In-Zone (KIZ) guidelines for enthusiast motherboard, cooling, and DRAM to simplify compatibility . Identified Problem Overclocking focused motherboard trend is 2x DIMM …