As a non-profit organization, transparency and good governance are essential to the long-term success of ISOOC. ISOOC’s organization consists of four core groups: the Board, the Comittee, the Management team, and the Workgroups.

Organizational Chart

Core Groups

ISOOC BoardISOOC CommitteeISOOC ManagementISOOC Workgroups
PurposeOversee the organization’s long-term mission and visionOrganize and manage workgroups, vote on new standardsManage ISOOC activities on a day-to-day basisWork on specific projects with goal to develop new standards
MembersFounders (2x)

Founding Members (max 3x)

Platinum Members

ISOOC CEO (non-voting)
Chair and Vice chair (non-voting); appointed by ISOOC board


Member representatives

Observer special interest group representative (elected by ISOOC Observers)

Supporter special interest group representative (elected by the ISOOC Supporters)
CEO: appointed by the board of directors

Directors: hired by CEO
Workgroup Lead, appointed by Committee

Workgroup Members, joining on voluntary basis approved by the
Workgroup Lead (must be employee of member)
DutiesApprove new board members

Appoint ISOOC CEO, ISOOC Committee Chair & Vice-Chair

Annual review of ISOOC Management performance

Annual review of ISOOC vision and mission statement, & strategic goals

Publicly represent ISOOC
Evaluate existing Workgroups & Sub-committees

Approve new Workgroups & Sub-committees

Vote on standards proposed from Workgroups
Oversee day to day operations

Deliver on ISOOC vision, mission, & strategic goals

Responsible for P&L, BS, CF
Set workgroup timeline and timely execution

Update workgroup status to Committee on monthly basis

Ensure outcome is proposal to Committee

Roadmap & Goals

Phase 0 – ISOOC is still under feasibility study and gathering insights from key stakeholders. We hope to complete this initial phase by the fourth quarter of 2022.

Phase 1 – In the first phase, we hope to complete the formal establishment of ISOOC with the support of key industry partners. Our aim is to complete this phase by the end of 2022.

  • Incorporation & fulfillment of legal/tax obligation
  • Reach agreement with Founding Members on ISOOC’s draft of Vision, Mission, Strategic Statement
  • Establish the Board, Committee, and first management team
  • Management team to propose the 2022 Operational Plan to the board

Phase 2 – from the second phase onwards ISOOC aims to set up the initial workgroups resulting in the first published open industry standards by the first half of 2023.

  • Committee approves workgroups and appoints workgroup lead
  • Workgroup lead assembles team which develop a standard proposal
  • Committee approves the proposed standards and standards are published on ISOOC website

Phase 3 – from the third phase, we hope to see third-party product development integrating the ISOOC standards. We hope to see the first ISOOC enabled product by the end of 2023.

More specific operational goals and targets will be covered in the 2022 Operational Plan