Open Water Cooling Header

ISOOC proposes an open water cooling header to simplify installation and improve aesthetics of AIO and custom loop solutions.

liquid cooling header

Identified Problem

High-end liquid cooling solution, including all-in-one and custom, offer wide range of features each which require different connectors (pump power, fan/pump control, RGB, USB). Multiple cables from the cooling solution to the motherboard makes it more complicated for the customer to install the cooling solution. Furthermore, it may significantly worsen the aesthetic appearance of the full system.

Several players on the market aim to address this issue with a proprietary approach to a single cable. The proprietary nature still requires the customer to be familiar with the vendor-specific approach. Furthermore, vendor-specific solutions still require enablement on both the cooling solution and motherboard, which can be troublesome considering many involved parties are direct competitors.

Proposed Solution

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Proposed Standard

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